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Jul 8, 2020

Ringing on the other end of a call

My soundsport free headphones are producing a ringing on the other end of my phone calls. So someone else is hearing a ring when I call them. It's been described to me like a bell ringing in the background or a truck backing up. I have updated the firmware on them and that didn't work. Not sure what the issue is, it has happened on all of my calls the past day. 


Re: Ringing on the other end of a call

Hey @bbbb20,


That's very strange! Were your headphones fully charged when you made the phone call? 


I'm glad to hear you've updated the firmware, but I'd also recommend performing a reset on the headphones. To do this, follow the instructions HERE. Also, could you confirm to me what device you're using the headphones with, and if available, would you be able to test the headphones with a different device to see if the issue persists when making a call?

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