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Feb 26, 2020

Severe design flaw

I got the soundsport free ear buds as a gift for Christmas. After about 6 weeks and constantly cutting out the left ear bud died completely.

I looked through the forum and tried all trouble shooting methods to no avail. Plugging it in and charging it via USB brings the left ear bud back for about 5 minutes before it dies again. 

Nothing else works. 

Can someone please help.


Re: Severe design flaw



Sorry that you're experiencing some connectivity and power difficulties with your SoundSport Free headphones. I can understand your disappointment regarding this and we'd love to help. 


It is interesting how you appear to be getting some charge, however it appears to immediately deplete in battery. We appreciate you taking the time in performing some troubleshooting. Do you mind talking through with us all techniques you have already performed? We wouldn't want to re-advise you to do the same steps!


I look forward to hearing from you Firewraithe 😊

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