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Oct 17, 2020

Some problems - QC Earbuds

Hello everyone, I want to point out some problems of these new headphones. I state that I use a samsung note 8 with the latest version of android but the problems are also present on iphone.
I have already replaced a pair of headphones and I performed a reset but the problems remained.

After replacing the first pair of headphones, they went very well for an afternoon, until I connected another bluetooth device to the phone.
Subsequently, the headphones have the following problems:

  •  Slow connection (sometimes it takes 20 seconds)
  • When I use only the right earphone, the noise cancellation is always set to 10. Although I have the automatic transparency function activated.
  • Very loud whistles in transparency mode in background noise conditions
  •  Sometimes, it doesn't automatically answer calls when I plug in the headset

All this happened to me even with the first pair of headphones but it didn't happen before I connected the phone to the Bose Quietcomfort 35.


Does something similar happen to any of you?


If connected to windows 10, it is not possible to adjust the volume of the headphones.