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May 21, 2020

Sound True ultra

Okay so I'm writing this from South Korea because of lack of support and the frustration I'm getting...


I am currently visiting South Korea and bought this SoundTrue Ultra in-ear and had it for a couple of years. I use this earphone mostly in my office for my computer sound so this has never seen outside.


It is setup so that it's enough for me to move around my office chair with it on to reach most of things I need for work so the cables are in a superb condition.


Having said that, I've had this earphone for a couple of years (I believe 3 years) BUT I've got it replaced around 2 years ago because of the SAME problem I'm having now. Which is the left side fades out. 


Yes, I've read few posts about the left ear issue people were having but I believe it's because of their cable being abused so that the inside wires are disconnecting and causing sound issues but this is not the same as my issue because it doesn't apply to my situation. As I said earlier my cables are in superb condition because it's barely moved. 


2 years ago I visited the Bose company in South Korea (since this one was bought here in S.Korea) and explained the situation and they checked out the product and said that they couldn't find any ware 'n tear so they'd just replace the unit for me. When I received the replacement, I realized how my old pair was performing very low in volume wise too on the right side. So I was very pleased.


Now, I have the EXACTLY the same problem I had before. My left side fading away very slowly and today I can't even hear anything or maybe 5% of the volume on my left side... 


Like the previous earphone I got replaced, when this problem happened I tried to plug these in to different 3.5mm jacks such as cell phones, speakers, audio out and etc. And they make no differneces so I know that it was the earphone problem not my computer / sound card issue.


So I called the Bose company in South Korea and they said that since it was out of warranty I'd have to pay $130 to get a new pair. 


I explained to them that this exact problem happened previously so it has to be the hardware defect from Bose. If I had this problem twice in two different times on the same model I'm sure many others have reported this issue too... But they said that they can't do anything about it because of the warranty time being outdated. 


So, I decided to write here to see what you guys say to this.. I've used Bose products for over 10 years and never had problems like this happen to my other products. And that's the reason why I don't mind spending extra money on Bose products but this is a big let down to me.. Maybe the SoundTrue Ultra line has manufactured in a different way or something to cause this problem? I'm not sure but I strongly believe that Bose should do something about this problem...


If Bose offers to have it replaced, I'd not want to have the same model and either pay extra to step up the model or just have it replaced with a different model..


Anyhow, Bose, please speak up and let me know what you guys think. Thank you.




Re: Sound True ultra

Hello Korean11, 


Welcome to the forums. 


Like all other electronic devices, our products come with a limited warranty. I can understand your frustrations here, but as this is a peer to peer support site, we are unable to assist in customer service issues. 


I do apologize for any inconvenience caused at this time. 

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