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Apr 5, 2020

SoundSport Free: Cannot Update Firmware or Connect Bluetooth

I've been looking over the forum for a way to fix this and so far nothing has worked, so I thought I would try to see if anyone has a suggestion:

They worked this morning connected to my phone. However, they were cutting out a lot. Usually a few times per song. So I thought a firmware update might fix it.

I connected to my computer and after about 20%, it gave an error. Every time I try it again, at 10% exactly, every time, it says it lost the connection.

Then I tried downloading the app on my phone, but they won't connect through Bluetooth anymore to do the update. The left ear slow blinks white and the right ear has no light.

I tried all the things of holding the power button (it never said anything after 10 seconds of resetting itself), charging it and trying to turn them on again, etc.

But all I can get is the blinking white light on my left ear and nothing else.

I also tried pairing them to another device. No luck.

I saw a suggestion to let them die and recharge them, so I am waiting for that now.

Any other help would be appreciated!