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Sep 30, 2019

SoundSport Free Wireless issues

Just bought a pair of SoundSport Free Wireless headphones and have a couple of issues where I'm hoping to get some help here.


I did some searching last night and found a number of posts in here with other people having the same issues. Wasn't able to find any real solution though and hence my post.


My main issue is the left earbud isn't able to connect after I didn't use the headphones for a while and while not keeping them in the charging case. I have them configured to go into standby after 5 minutes.


The right earbud always connects just fine. The left one though doesn't meaning I only have sound in the right earbud. I also get this pinging sound in the right earbud every now and then when this happens. I guess that is to tell me it can't connect to the left earbud. As I understand it, the left earbud never connects to the mobile phone. Instead, it supposed to connect to the right earbud. Which in turn connects to the mobile phone.


I've tried pretty much everything there is to try. Such as uninstalling the Bose app, turning BT off in my mobile phone and restarting it, repairing etc etc. But the problem persists.


My next issue isn't as severe but yet quite annoying.


When I first got the headset, I decided to give it my own nickname. After doing this, I decided my new nickname was a bit too long. When trying to change the name back or to something else, it won't allow me to do so.


I'm able to type in a new nickname in the Bose app. And it does seem to accept it at first. However, after a second or two I get voice notifications telling me it's reconnecting to my mobile phone. After this I'm back with the original nickname again.


I read several tips where others were reporting the same issue such as trying to use a suggested nickname. Still same thing though, it won't allow me change the nickname but the current nickname sticks.


I was in contact with Bose here in Sweden today telling them about my issues. Since they couldn't present a solution, they suggested I should send them the product to have it replaced. Told them I don't think that would solve the issues since this to me seems more like a software/firmware issue. Also based on the number of other people reporting the very same issues.


We also discussed what could have cause the issues.


For the left earbud not being able to connect, I was told it needs walls or other objects to "bounce" the signal to the right earbud. This since it couldn't send the signal through my head!? That sounded like a very strange explanation! I asked how that will work when you're outside where there are no walls nearby...


As for the nickname issue, I had two ideas myself which the Bose guy thought sounded likely to be the culprits. One was how maybe the nickname I initially set was too long. I put my name in front of the original nickname. Meaning "Richard's Bose SoundSport Free Wireless". Another idea was it maybe was the ' in the nickname causing issues being a special character.


I have of course tried using the Bose Updater app which takes me to the Bose update web page. However, I'm told I'm already on the latest version. One thing I just noticed though when registering in here is how the top post says the latest firmware released on August 21 is 3.0.4. Which I find strange since I'm on 2.6.0. And yet the Bose Updater tells me I'm on the latest version?!


Sorry for the wall of text but I really want to do everything I can to sort this issues. Since the other alternative is to bring the product back to the store where I bought it from. Which would feel like a pity since I really do like the product! When it's working that is...


Thanks in advance for any help or tips!

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Feb 16, 2020

Re: SoundSport Free Wireless issues

Hello! I'm having exactly the same issues. My firmware is up to date and apparently there is no firmware/software solution. Could someone please respond to what can we do instead??