SoundSport Free (v2.5.6) buttons not working

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SoundSport Free (v2.5.6) buttons not working

For the life of me I am unable to get the volume buttons to function (iOS v12.1) and the play/pause functions intermittently, and only with great effort when ever it does work.


These are new (< one month) and if there is a new firmware update I am unable to see where to mkae that happen in the iOS Bose app.


Re: SoundSport Free (v2.5.6) buttons not working

Hello alanengle! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am sorry to hear that's happened, but would like to help! Are the buttons difficult to push? They might be a little stiff when new but shouldn't require extraordinary effort to use. If the physical buttons need more force than is reasonable to use then I'd recommend contacting Customer Support. Contact information can be found here. Just select your region, and kindly scroll down to where you see "Contact Us".


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Greg - Community Support