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Nov 12, 2015

SoundSport Wireless Head Phones

I am upgrading from a pair of IE-2 earphones which I used for many years. I am very happy with the fit and finish of the SoundSport Wireless earphones. They are very comfortable and the newer stay hear ear plugs fit even better than the earlier versions. The Stayhear material is softer and fits snugly. I have found in the past correct fit of these tips ensures the best sound.


The over all sound with these devices is very good. Much richer than the older IE-2 ear buds which were very detailed. I was concerned about having enough wireless power to get good bass...that doesn’t seem to be a problem. 


Making phone calls in a crowded place works just fine!


I found the Bose connect app is not ready for prime time. The aggregator function ties my music services together however TuneIn for example doesn’t work fully. None of the live radio stations work. The instruction manual section in the app is blank. I do like the battery level indicator however the SoundSport firmware gives battery levels as well. The device locator seems like a good idea. For now I have chosen not to use the Bose Connect app with these in-ear headphones. Connecting to my iOS devices using the standard BlueTooth connections works fine.


All in all I am very happy with my new Wireless SoundSports. Another great product form Bose!