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Mar 11, 2021

Soundsport Free = TOTAL JUNK! Buyer Beware!

Bose Soundsport Free




I have owned these in-ears for less than 2 years. For as long as I can recall, the left earbud simply stops working at about 10-15 minutes into using. Sometimes I can power it back up. Most times not.  I usually get a strange warning sound - then nothing.

There was a time when Bose was a company that stood for uncompromising quality and customer service. There was a time when they would have offered a replacement, no questions asked. Today, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, then speaking with a level 1 tech, then speaking with a Supervisor, I was offered a discount on a new pair. 




Why would I want to spend my hard earned money on a new pair of Bose headphones, given that this is clearly a known issue, and that it could simply happen again? No thanks! I'd rather roll the dice with Apple or some other company.

Bose - you should be ashamed, but like all other so-called "American," multinational corporations, you've SOLD OUT the American worker for the cheap slave labor of China and India, and you've SOLD OUT the American consumer for your shareholders - ALL OF WHICH is COMPLETELY UNAmerican! 

I DARE YOU to allow this thread to stay on the forum.



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Mar 13, 2021

Re: Soundsport Free = TOTAL JUNK! Buyer Beware!

Bose has changed.  The company used to make high quality products and stand behind them.  Now, customer service acts like a $250 product is disposable.  Buyer Beware indeed.