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May 2, 2020

Soundsport free voice prompts


Bose soundsport free wireless ear buds

When turning on , voice prompt-'to select english, press and hold the multi-function button' is repeated continuously.

Despite pressing and holding the MFB multiple times.

Occasionally will connect without this problem, but if during use i alter the volume or take a call, it can intervene and not cease until disconnected from bluetooth

Have installed the most recent update.

Is there a 'factory reset'

Appreciate your thoughts



In Australia


Re: Soundsport free voice prompts

Hi Andrew, 


Thanks for writing in, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear that you're having some issues with the voice prompts of your SoundSport Free's. We appreciate you taking the time to already look into some troubleshooting. 


There is not a factory reset available for these. But there is some further troubleshooting we can attempt. 


What happens if you turn off the voice prompts of your headphones? If you go into the Bose Connect app, and visit your product settings you can toggle this feature on and off.


Do let us know the results of this.

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