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Mar 4, 2019

Soundsport wireless right side sounds lower than left


I have been using my Bose Soundsport Wireless for over 27 months now & I absolutely love them. The fact that they are the longest running pair of earphones/headphones with a minimum of 2 hours plus of regular usage everyday is astounding.


So the other day, I felt I should give them a thorough clean & I was very gently cleaning them with a cotton swab. All of a sudden the right ear sounds low now with no bass & the left one sounds as usual. I searched on the forums for any solution but nothing & I gave up on them. I would’ve gotten a new pair but since it’s a lockdown at the place where I live, I thought I will give it another try.


On close inspection I noticed that after removing the Stayhear tips, the enclosure is covered with a thin layer of cloth like material which was uneven on its surface. I thought I will clean them again but this time with very little force & may be they will reset or whatever (As I had nothing to lose). After that I observed that the enclosure material has developed a small tear & now the right side blasts sound like crazy. It never sounded this loud even on high volume at the time of purchase. So to balance it, I did the same with left side & a tear formed that side too. Now they are even. 🙂


Now, they sound loud & even, but I believe there is a slight crackling & the voice prompts, iPhone lock sound, notification sounds blast my ears as much as it hurts them.


What kind of a problem is this! Has the build quality deteriorated over time that even by pressing gently on a wrong side is altering the sound output? Am I hurting my ears now by using them? 
I’d be grateful if anyone can shed some light over the issue. 

Thank you.