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Aug 20, 2020

We love your sound. We hate your connectivity.

Please please understand the importance of creating viable audio tech in the wireless market. Your sound has been iconic for as long as I can remember, that's why I used to be faithful to the brand. But your bluetooth connectivity, especially with apple devices is purely unacceptable. I get it, you have bigger fish to fry. AR/VR, it's exciting. But let's get real for a minute. The world's leading sound engineers can't produce something that's A) high quality and B) **bleep** simple to connect? 


Something is wrong about that.


I love you guys but the connectivity tech has been putrid for these last few years. I know this it's easier said than done, and I know you're working on way cooler products...but still, it's embarrassing for the brand. Everyone loves your sound. Just make it easy to listen wirelessly. I hate to admit this but I've been dedicated to JBL for the last 3 years solely because their BT connectivity is silky smooth. The sound isn't all that bad either. 


As I step off the virtual soapbox, I'll leave it here. If you're in product development at BOSE and you work on simple BT audio tech, start yelling that what you do is not enough. I was your biggest fan less than 5 years ago and now I jump at the opportunity to tell people about the inconvenience of your product. 


But I still love your sound.




Have a wonderful day!