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Jul 4, 2019

When do the Quietcomfort Earbuds actually ship?

When I placed my order last Thursday about an hour after they went live on the Bose website, it said they ship on September 29.


Now the site says they ship in 8-10 weeks.


I called Bose customer support and they pulled up my order and they told me they don’t know when it will ship.

Can I trust that my order will ship on September 29 as originally stated when I made the purchase - especially since I paid extra for the expedited shipping with the anticipation of having them in hand by the end of that week - or am I now looking at nearly 10 weeks, which will put it into December or later?


Re: When do the Quietcomfort Earbuds actually ship?

Hi Grimley141,


Thanks for reaching out, glad to hear of your excitement towards your QuietComfort Earbuds. 


The community is a place for troubleshooting and we have no information regarding stocks. I would suggest that whatever the Bose.com website states, is the most accurate information regarding the product shipment. 

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