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Mar 5, 2020

White Annoying Noise is coming - Bose 700

I have been using Bose 700 for almost 2 months. This morning, suddenly white noise started to come out from the right part. I disconnected with all the paired devices. Yet, still white noise is coming. 


If I decrease noise cancellation level from 10 to 5 or 0, the level of noise is increasing.


Please advise how I can address this problem




Re: White Annoying Noise is coming - Bose 700

Hello Berc, 


Thanks for posting. Welcome to the Bose Community!


If this sounds like a hiss, then it could be related to the noise floor of the headphones. This can be found in all manner of speakers and headphones. This was discussed in an earlier thread about our QC35 headphones here. You cannot alter the noise floor of the product as far as I'm aware and with regard to the increase you note when adjusting noise cancellation level, this may be attributed to the fact that less external sound is being heard, giving the effect that the sound has increased. 


If you do not believe this to be the same issue, then I'd recommend checking for updates and pairing with other devices to see if there is a change in performance. Should the problem continue, please speak with local support to discuss your options for service. Details can be found here.



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