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Feb 21, 2021

Why Bose Earbuds are NOT number 1


- Please fix the connection to more than one device at the same time, I paid 280.00 for these thinks to learn this. Wow this is Bose not a cheap company.

-Fix it so you can use either earbud not just the right one, some people are left ear dominate. It implies everyone is the same.

-Fix an equalizer for the app, all others like Samsung have this.

I did reviews online (YouTube and other sites) and the only reason Bose it NOT number one, is because of the above problems. I am serious thinking of returning them because of these issues. With a company like BOSE you expect the best.

I know of several people that returned their earbuds for just these thinks. I am hoping you read this with serious concern and fix these options.

I would like to know BOSE quality and customer care is very important so that I can tell others of BOSE's classy costumer relations.

Hope to hear back soon and that you are working to make these requests a reality