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Feb 26, 2021

Why I'm returning Quietcomfort earbuds

Firmware Version: current


App Version: current


What devices were you using...
Detailed description of the issue...

What environment...

When did...


See below:


Voice Control activates with every touch of right touchpad, making them unusable with Iphone (the "light touch" hack is useless while walking, running, in moving vehicle, etc)


Not recognized by current model Sony AV receiver bluetooth


Will not pair with 2019 Samsung Frame TV


Sound quality okay, but inferior to my 6 year old wired QC20i earbuds (a new in-app EQ is a basic necessity)


Cannot switch sources without having to handle phone, open app, and re-pair every time


And, no meaningful info from customer support as to whether any of this will ever be fixed, despite all this being documented by many disappointed customers.  I give up.

Good quality hardware, as far as it goes, but they are useless - basically bricked – because the Bose software is so shamefully defective. I haven’t seen a product in many many years with such primitive software. All this from a multi-billion $ per year company whose majority owner is MIT, one of the world’s leading technology centers.  (I've been a Bose user for at least two decades.)