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May 6, 2020

ear tips for soundsport (wired)


I have (I believe) the soundsport wired head phones  the sound quality is great but the tips really hurt my ears after a while (if I wear them for over 30 min).


I have on the default tips - I'm assuming these are the stayhear tips? are there any other tips that can work with these headphones or maybe a third party brand that will work?


the large seems like they are too large for my ear ( I can't get them to stay comfortably even for a few minutes)


the medium are what I'm using - they stay in put cause pain after a while - like radiating pain that's hard to pinpoint weather it's the bit near the canal or the supporting loop/wedge


the smalls are too small - the loop/wedge meant to hold the bud around your ear canal doesn't reach anything


I don't know if I have odd shaped and/or sensitive ears or what but any suggestions would be great.

thank you