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Aug 31, 2020

international warranty soundsport

I have a pair of Soundsport wireless earphones. purchased in December 2018 in UK as a Christmas present. these come with a 2 year warranty. 

I live in Abu Dhabi and have had to take the product to the Bose retailer in Virgin Megastore  as the power on /off button and volume buttons have stopped working. 

The helpful Bose retailer in the store received permission to send to the service centre after giving proof of purchase. Today I have received a phone call from the service centre who told me they are out of warranty and will offer 25% off another purchase. 

Is there no international warranty provided by Bose - will I have to post the product back to UK to have the warranty honoured by Bose ? 

Many Thanks 


Re: international warranty soundsport

Hi Squibs72,


Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear of the experience you have had. 


Warranty coverage is dependant upon the region that you're currently located in, not the origin country of purchase. As you're currently located in Abu Dhabi, the warranty coverage would be dependant upon your local policies. If you have further questions or concerns regarding this, please contact your local support outlet directly.


You can reach out to your local support via the information in this link. 


Regrettably we're unable to be of any assistance to service options via the Community forums. 



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