soundsport free - left side no power

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soundsport free - left side no power



 This is just frutrating after enjoying it for 1 and half month now the left side is a goner. I tried all the forum suggestions but still the same. Please dont ask me to charge again coz I know it's charge it just after removing from the charger nothing happens to the left side. Hopefully your service center here in Singapore does a better job in repairing it or replacing it, crossing my fingers. Oh and by the way I'm staying in the other side of the island and your service center is at the other end.




Re: soundsport free - left side no power

Hi zeek23_2000,


Thanks for posting. If you have tried all the troubleshooting we offer here on the forum (updating, clearing and repairing, etc) and you are still having issues, I would recommend contacting your local support. In case you need it here is a link to local support in Singapore.


Please let us know how it goes.




Tony G - Community Support