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Oct 11, 2019

the most regret purchase EVER!!!

got my soundfree sport for $218 in the States then moved to China in the summer of 2018. couldnt charge the right earbud anymore after four months using, the indicating light always shows its fully charged(dont even use it everyday). called support in China and got told i had to buy a new charging case for 500RMB( abt $71) while it was still under the 1 yr warranty. said they dont cover the products from the states. since then the pair has been sitting there till i called again recently. this time they told me they could fix it if it's still under the warranty, but now they can only offer me 30% off for a new pair. i was not mad last time i called cuz that could be just terrible customer support from BOSE. but now im f**kin pissed cuz im fooled. is that how BOSE roll or the Chinese? 


Re: the most regret purchase EVER!!!

Hello Shang,


Thank you for reaching out via the Bose Community. 


I'm very sorry to hear you have had issues seeking support for your SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones. China has different procedures in place for service, but we would love to help where possible.


We will be reaching out with your shortly by private message so please keep an eye out for this. 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community support




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