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Mar 10, 2018

Add option to turn off the active EQ in the app please

Android user here. I'm using Viper4Android for years & I have a custom equaliser that suits my music preference, but conflicts with the default active equaliser on the Bose QC35 ii.
With some adjustments on v4a & turning off my custom equaliser, I've made the qc35 ii sound pretty great.
But on wired connection, my custom equaliser & default Viper4Android settings work like usual & hence sound better than wireless connection with the Bose equaliser.
I will be very grateful if the devs add an option to turn off or modify the Bose equaliser since having more options is always better & I know many users who would like to have the option to turn off the Bose equaliser as well.
I prefer using the wired connection because of the above, but the qc35 cable doesn't have any controls nor a microphone which is an illogical & poor decision from such a big company like Bose.
I guess buying the qc25 cable for $60 (in my country) will be more productive since like most forums, mods have little power/influence concerning suggestions & feedback as the user suggestions the Mods forward will most likely be disregarded by the development team!
Thanks for reading & have a great day.
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Add option to turn off the active EQ in the app please

Hi FullMetalJun,


Thanks for the suggestion!  I've forwarded this up to the software team to see if it can be added.