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May 19, 2019

Audio for Mazda 6

I am based in singapore and recently added a car expo. Whilst considering my new car, one of my imp criteria was a very good sound system. I happened to visit the Mazda booth and the sales person boasted about the Bose audio system in the car. As I hv been using BOSE audio products in my house, I immediately got drawn to this car. Offcourse there were other features which I liked in the car but the biggest “plus” was BOSE audio. They could not do a demo of the sound there due to some restrictions but since it was BOSE , I had no reason to doubt the sound quality. Once we got the delivery of the car and I tested the audio, I was shocked and disappointed to the core. Tried finding options on the settings but no use. I went to an audio shop and installed a portable woofer and also changed the 2 speakers at the rear doors. This helped a bit but still the sound is not as good. I may now hv to change the front speakers too. The audio shop guy told me that the BOSE speaker quality was very bad and basic.
All I am trying to say is that as a trusted brand, BOSE should have ensured that you don’t compromise on the product just to get the deal. You may lose out a lot of loyal customers like me , who trusted BOSE so far ... almost blindly !!!!

Re: Audio for Mazda 6

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