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Mar 9, 2019

Bose Quietcomfort 45 wishlist

The things I would love to see on the QC45

- USB-C with improved quickcharging
- Improved batterylife (30-35 hours with ANC on)
- Improved noise cancellation
- Improved sound quality
- Like the Sony M3’s, the right earcup hold pause feature
- Like the Surface headphones, it detects whenever you remove the headphones from your head, it stops the sound. (Also senses when put back on like surface headphones)
- (This depends on whatever you guys at Bose want tbh) classic Bose buttons or earcup touchpad thingy for swiping songs, volume, call pickup, manually pausing music etc
- Multiple devices connectivity for sure
Edit: - A possible internal and external microphone like the galaxy buds have? Maybe that could improve the microphone quality even when there’s wind or something else..? Maybe?

These upgrades/implementations would basically turn the Bose headphones into the best **bleep**ing headphones on the market for a longgg time (again)