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Feb 18, 2019

Feature Request: White Noise in Bose + App

Hi Bose!


One of my favorite features of your overear headphones is the noise cancellation. As a student, I often wear then when I study to drown out surrounding sounds, even when I'm not listening to anything. However, I noticed that the Jabra app has a white noise feature which enhances the noise cancellation capabiliteis of the headphones by playing a soft faded noise. I would really love this feature to be added to the bose app. 


Thank you! 



Re: Feature Request: White Noise in Bose + App

Hello christine2021,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community.


We appreciate you providing and sharing feedback with your feature request.


This idea will be passed along to development, but we cannot promise this will be implemented.


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support