How to pair 2 headsets for video viewing

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How to pair 2 headsets for video viewing

Here is the situation. I can pair both headsets to my Chromebook through Bluetooth. However I cannot get the headphones connect through the Bose app on the Chromebook. My pixel 2 works fine for this.

My gf and I want to watch a video on the Chromebook and both hear the audio on our separate headsets. Is this even possible ?

Another issue is I'm able to connect both headsets on my pixel 2 and set up the music share but I'm unable to do this with any other apps (Netflix, audible, I can't even watch movies taken with the phone) audio only comes out of one headset. Anyone have a fix for this? Very frustrating paying for these headsets when the gentleman at the store said we could music share and video share.

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Re: How to pair 2 headsets for video viewing

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This would not be supported on a laptop or desktop since the Connect app is only available on Android and iOS.  Also, one thing to note, is that with the "sharing" feature, this was designed for music.  What happens is the first headset receives the audio stream and then has to relay it to the second headset which will actually cause a A/V sync issue which will delay the audio.  


Depending on what type of headset you have, if it came with a supplied 3.5mm cable, you would want to use a basic headphone splitter which will disable to the Bluetooth connection on the headset.  


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