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Mar 17, 2019

I am done with BOSE PART TWO

Ok folks here we go again. Just recieved an email from ANGELO from Bose. I guess they can not read my file. The rep on Saturday offered me a replacement system but I would have to pay $1,500 00. I guess Bose cannot hire competent people. Received email today stating the same thing the first rep. told me. Why would I pay $1,500.00 for another system. I have bought TWO SYSTEMS THAT HAVE GONE BAD WITHIN 5 TO 6 YEARS .BOSE WHAT KIND OF GARBAGE ARE YOU PRODUCING?? Other companies do not have systems that go bad like this. You expect to have a high end product like BOSE TO LAST!!! I hope that the PRESIDENT OF BOSE CORPORATION MR. PHIL HESS IS READING THIS as he should be ashamed of the GARBAGE that his once proud and wonderful company has become . I can buy a SONY OR A SONOS and never ever have a problem. But you spend your hard earned money on a product that is suppose to be THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD and you get a system that self destructs. As stated, this is the 2nd system I have from Bose. I am now going to go on social media and let the world know what kind of garage Bose is selling. I am also getting ready to make a YOUTUBE VIDEO showing the entire world what happens to a Bose system when it gets old. As I sit here, my rear speakers are popping like loud gun shots. UNACCEPTABLE BOSE.!!!!. As stated, I'm a pilot and my Bose headphones in the aircraft are great, but as stated your other products are now garbage. MR. PHIL HESS IF YOU ARE READING THIS I WOULD APPRECIATE A PHONE CALL AS YOU HAVE MY NUMBER ATTACHED TO MY FILE. 100% says nothing happens.