L1 Compact and mixer

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L1 Compact and mixer



I just ordered an L1 Compact with the intention of using it for acoustic guitar and vocals. The gear I'm using is:


Cordoba nylon string guitar with a built in Fishman pickup system

Epiphone Masterbilt steel string dreadnaught with K&K Pure Western pickup (no battery power)

A Microphone (haven't got one yet-- any recommendations for around $100?)


Anyway, I intend on having a very simple sound, stuff like James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Gordan Lightfoot, etc. and I'm wondering what, if any, kind of mixer I might need (or not need).


My intention is on playing small coffeehouse venues, and maybe some outdoor events in the summer (Farmer's Market, etc). So I don't think I need anything intense, if you know what I mean. If a simple, inexpensive mixer would help balance things out, what would you receommend? I'm mostly concerned about the Epiphone since the pickup is not powered and has no EQ.








Re: L1 Compact and mixer

Hi Rick, 


Thanks for the post.  We don't deal much with live audio and PA systems here, so my recommendation (if you haven't already) is to check out the Bose Professional forums and also post your question there.  It's a great and knowledgeable community so I'm sure you'll get some excellent feedback.