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Oct 24, 2017

QC 30 feature request (optional aux cable)

Since some devices do not support bluetooth headsets, it would be VERY helpful to be able to plug in an aux cable to the headset neck band, for wired connections. 


E.g. PS4 does not support wireless bluetooth headset, which is a big shame, as I would like to enjoy the sound quality and noise canceling of the QC 30 while using the PS4. 


Also, I am using the QC 30 on a motorcycle, where the noise cancelling really helps bring the wind noise level down (I would still like even stronger noise cancelling, but the effect is very noticable already, and really helps to enjoy riding more). The problem here is that my Sena 20s communications system is not compatible with bluetooth headsets, and can only connect with external headsets via aux cable. I would really like to use my Bose QC 30 with the Sena as well. 


If a new Bose QC 30 comes out with an aux cable input port on the neck band, and the noisy mic problem of which there are many complaints (including me) is solved (why not apply some external noise cancelling, keeping the voice while suppressing background noise?), I would buy it right away!