QC35 Speakers Clicking

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QC35 Speakers Clicking

Hi, i love Bose Headphones but i find out QC35 speakers make an strange noise (clicking) for some songs. I thought the problem was with my unit but the replaced one has the same problem. You guys can easily reproduce this behaviour with the song "These Steady Hands", from Yonder Dale. 

Again, i hope next versions it comes fixed, for i've been a huge fan and user from many years. :-)


Re: QC35 Speakers Clicking

Hello @epachelle,


Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Community!

I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you've had with your QC35 headphones, and saddened to hear that a replacement unit has not resolved this either.

I have listened to the soundtrack that you have suggested with one of our pairs of these headphones and not heard the issues that you had at any point throughout this piece (as nice as the piece was!)


When you wear these headphones, do you wear these with both earcups on, or with one earcup loose? 

Additionally, is this when played through Bluetooth or through the cable? If this is a cable connection, then the adjustment of the cable can sometimes cause audio issues similar to that which you have described.

Lastly, are you actively running the noise cancellation when playing this? 


Please get back to me with the information so I can find out what's causing this for you!

Warm Regards,

Liam_W - Community Support

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Re: QC35 Speakers Clicking

Thank you for your reply...

- I'm using bluetooth.

- i use noize cancellation. I tried low and deactivated and it appears in all cases.

I can still use the headphones sincethe clicking shows very rarely.

Thank you again

Re: QC35 Speakers Clicking

Hi Epachelle, 


Thanks for your post and thank you for updating us on your situation. 


I have also just listened to this song and also can't hear that issue that you mention. (Agreed with Liam this is a great piece) 


Have you attempted to listen to this song with Noise Cancelling adjusted to full? 


Also does this issue continue across other songs? 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B