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Feb 23, 2016

SoundTouch is worst software I've ever used

I've had a Soundtouch 20 for a while now, and I will never buy another Bose wireless system.  It will decide at random to disconnect from the app on my Winudows 7 computer, and the app will not be able to find the speaker, though it is streaming from the network.  The software also never updates properly when I add music to my Windows Media Player libary.  In order to force an update I have to uninstall the software, manually delete any files and directories left from the botched uninstall, then reinstall and load my library.   Since I have on the order of 45 GB of music, this takes forever.  I have updated the software any firmware multiple time, optimistically hoping that these issues would be addressed.  They are still present after years of updates.  I have worked with Bose tech support to solve these issues - suggestings have at best helped with a temporary work around, but the problems always returns  I strongly recommend against buying this product.


Re: SoundTouch is worst software I've ever used

Hi DavisGentry,


I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing difficulties you've been having.


Would you be willing to continue troubleshooting with us?  I'd like to get this working for you if possible.



Brandon - Community Support

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May 11, 2019

Re: SoundTouch is worst software I've ever used

I agree. Same happens on Windows 10. Despite years of complainrts about this software Bose has done nothing to resolve the issue. No matter how many times you reboot everything or re-add the speaker, the connections lastsfor a few minutes or hours or days only


Re: SoundTouch is worst software I've ever used

Hello ayjaybee,


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing connectivity problems with your SoundTouch App. 


Could you please try the SoundTouch mobile app to see if this problem persists?

This will allow us to clarify if there is a Wi-Fi setup problem with the speaker, or if the problem solely lies with the SoundTouch app on Windows 10.


I look forward to hearing back from you.


Warm Regards,