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Oct 22, 2017

Soundtouch 300

Hi! I recently bought soundtouch 300. It has been a pleasant experiance so far but I miss the surround sound effect. Suggest should I initially go for wireless rear speakers or AM 300 to enrich my experiance?
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Sep 25, 2014

Re: Soundtouch 300

Hello Ankur Anand!


Great question! If you are looking to receive a true surround-sound feeling then I would certainly recommend the Virtually Invisible 300 surround sound speakers. The VI300's will be able to connect to the SoundTouch 300 wirelessly and produce the rich and clear surround sound effect you are looking for. 


The Acoustimass 300 is also a phenomenal addition to the SoundTouch 300 as this would provide a rich and deep dedicated bass module to the setup. The AM300 will also connect wirelessly to your console, so no need to run a cable between the two.


I can tell you from my own personal experience that these are phenomenal additions to the SoundTouch 300 and will greatly enhance the experience of using the system!