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Jan 12, 2019

soundtouch sound bar

hello all i am quite upset at both bose and sansung.  i have the bose soundtouch 300 . i tried configureing the soundtounch with the arc but well  i did not get the same  5.1 sound that i should . i compaired  it with another  5.1 system in my bedroom,  after calling  samsung and bose  i finallly configured with the input to direct hdmi input and used a switcher , then after watching  utube video  set the setting on he app to direct input . i then got the 5.1 sound like i should.  what is going as of right now dont even use the arc system . now bose with the 700 doesnt have direct HDMI input. i belive the 700 well not work with my samsung tv . not the 5.1 sound. i am thinking about getting the Q8 or 9 but does anybody know if the arc on the Q  8 or 9 pass the dobly on to bose sound bar.  The  configuration i have  does  have some issues with getting sound out of the soundtouch when i switch from tv to blue ray not video just sound. i have a work around for that.  Simplistic is one of the  things about bose but in this case not even close.