Anghami on sound link.

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Anghami on sound link.

I have a bose sound link without bluetooth. I do not use an iphone. However, I am an anghami subsriber in Dubai I am not being able to sign up for spotify. I wanted to know if it is possible to play anghami on my soundlink without changing my subscription to Deezer or flying out of the country to sign up for spotify. I am very comfortable with anghami and hope i can link my soundlink with anghami. If not i believe i will have to shift to sonnos. 



Re: Anghami on sound link.

Hi jsantani,


Thanks for the post!  I'll send your recommendation of adding Anghami to the list of sources in SoundTouch.  

Do you possibly have a SoundTouch system, and not a SoundLink system?  The SoundLink systems are Bluetooth only, while the SoundTouch have Wi-Fi connectivity.




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Re: Anghami on sound link.



Any updates on supporting Anghami on SoundTouch ?