Casting to Lifestyle 535 Soundtouch

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Casting to Lifestyle 535 Soundtouch

I presently have a Lifetstyle 50 (great system) and 535 Soundtouch working side by side so that I can play my music throughout the house. Given the age of the 50 I am looking to move everything through the 535, however, given that I have a large library of music stored on my PC (in a different room) I am having difficulty finding a way to cast the music from the PC to the 535. I am told that putting music on a NAS drive is best, however, to do this the 535 would need to support DLNA. Does Bose support DLNA and, if so, how would I go about making it work?


Re: Casting to Lifestyle 535 Soundtouch

Hi sandonpoint,


Thanks for the question.  The SoundTouch ecosystem is not fully DLNA compatible, but it does support certain NAS drives that have media servers built in should work.  My recommendation would be the WD MyCloud NAS drive.  If you can also find a NAS drive that uses Twonky Music Server, it should work with SoundTouch.


If you have any more questions, please let me know.


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Brandon - Bose Support