Announcement: Bose AR Unveil At SXSW This Weekend: 3/10-3/13

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Bose has a long legacy of innovating in audio, from bringing room-filling sound to a tiny speaker to canceling out airplane noise in a comfortable pair of headphones.  We’re proud to say that we’ve been doing this for over fifty years.


We’re always looking for new places where we can innovate and bring joy to our customers.  And recently we’ve been really excited about augmented reality.


So far, the excitement about augmented reality (AR) has focused on its visual possibilities. But its audio possibilities are just as exciting, maybe even more, because the benefits can be enjoyed by mainstream consumers now, not in some undefined future.


That’s the idea behind Bose AR — the world’s first audio augmented reality platform.


Unlike visual AR, which adds an extra layer of things you can see, Bose AR adds an extra layer of things you can hear.


Using only a Bose AR-equipped wearable, a smartphone and an app-enabled with Bose AR, the new platform lets you hear what you see, making everything more valuable, more emotional and more meaningful. All you provide are simple head movements, voice commands and taps on your wearable; the Bose AR platform does the rest. You stay involved in the world around you and your phone stays tucked away.


Bose AR is a platform, which means others can develop both apps — for music, travel and education, among others — as well as wearables — including headphones, glasses and helmets. Bose will be building Bose AR into upcoming audio products and a number of partners will soon publicly announce their intent to begin working on the Bose AR platform as well.


And to help inspire the startup community to begin work on the new platform, Bose has set aside $50 million to invest in companies that create apps, services and related technologies for the Bose AR platform.


More details on what is possible are coming soon, but we’re really excited to work with developers, creators, and makers around the world to build amazing experiences with us.


If you have any questions - just ask away in our developer forum!

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Awesome! Can't wait!

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Can't wait to check this out

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Check out ANON on Netflix...a fine example of the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR).

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Hi ! Would appreciate you’re help ! I have updated my revolve + speaker but now the app wouldn’t connect to the speaker ! I can only connect manually ie: opening the Bluetooth option on the iPhone , selecting the speaker and connecting ! Any advice ? Anything would be helpful ! Thanks a lot !

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Hello Mhalabi:


I don’t know much about the Revolve speakers but can advise that sometimes after an update of any product, little bugs appear. Try rebooting your speaker, app and in your case iPhone re- pair the device, that often clears things up. If your problem persists, I suggest you post your question over in the Product Help section for better exposure. Failing that, contact Bose directly, they are very helpful.



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Thanks mate ! Will do

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"sound sport free"

For the pubg mobile, only the left channel…