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Today Bose will be revealing Bose AAR (Audio Augmented Reality also referred to as “AR”) in more detail at the South by Southwest (SXSW) 2019 conference in Austin, Texas, United States. 


Specifically, Bose will announce and demo AR experiences that were created by select 3rd party App Developers & Creators that have built unique experiences for our AR-enabled products. With the Beta availability of new experiences, there are two AR-enabled products, one is QC35 II and the other is Bose Frames.  Below are some FAQ’s:


What is Bose AR? 

Bose AR is a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform, combining the power of next-gen Bose audio products with innovative mobile apps. Together, they can create astonishing real-world experiences and fundamentally new ways to travel, exercise, learn, play, and more. Meanwhile, you can go through life heads up, hands-free, and ears amazed.  


How is Bose AR different from other kinds of AR? 

Unlike traditional AR, which overlays virtual images onto the physical world, and audio AR, which does the same thing, except with sounds instead of images, Bose AR goes several steps further. Motion sensors embedded inside Bose AR-enabled products (like Bose Frames or QC35 headphones II) work together with your phone. Using information like your location, your head gestures, and the direction you’re looking, Bose AR-enhanced apps create audio experiences in the world around you—while you keep your phone in your pocket. 





What Bose products are compatible with Bose AR? 

All Bose Frames, and select Bose Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II manufactured after October 22, 2018, and Bose Custom Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II manufactured after March 1, 2019 can be Bose AR-enabled with a firmware update available via the Bose Connect app and the updater site, see here  - Frames Update, QC35II Update Additionally, the QC35 II’s that are Bose AR enabled can be identified via the serial number that ends in “AZ”.



How do I know if my product is Bose AR-enabled? 


Please note: Android experiences will be available in the future, for now the apps are for iOS only. 


For iPhone and iPad userswhen you open the Bose Connect app, a Bose AR logo will be displayed whenever it detects a Bose AR product is paired. NoteBose Connect version 8.0 or later is required. See image below for what this looks like in the Connect app.  


Bose Connect Photo Shadow.JPG


How do I use my product with a Bose AR experience? 

All Bose AR-enabled products offer innovative ways to interact with your product or your mobile device. For example, you might use a double tap gesture during a Bose AR experience to respond to instructions or request information. In addition, Bose AR offers additional ways to interact through natural, multimodal gestures—for example, nodding or shaking your head in response to a question or offer. 


How does Bose AR work?  

Sensors in Bose AR-equipped products send information wirelessly by Bluetooth to a paired iOS or Android (Android apps will come at a later date) device running an app enhanced with our SDK (or Unity plugin). A Bose AR-enhanced app running on the mobile device receives this information and uses it along with other information coming from the phone (GPS, for example) to generate audio that’s sent back by Bluetooth to the AR product.  


As an example, sensors built into the product can detect which direction someone is facing and send that information to the app running on the mobile device. The app would then use the head direction combined with GPS information, from the mobile device, to request and send audio information appropriate for the direction the person is looking.  


Similarly, sensors enable new user interface control, where a quick nod of the head “yes” can be detected by the built-in sensors and sent to the app, which indicates to the app that the person is saying yes to the offer of more information.  


It is the combination of sensors embedded in the wearable device (together with a mobile device’s existing sensors like GPS) that the app maker uses to generate audio information that augments and is superimposed on the user’s real world.  




How can I access Bose AR Beta experiences? 


Please note: Android experiences will be available in the future, for now the apps are for iOS only. 


For iPhone and iPad users with a Bose AR-enabled product, the first step is to open the Bose Connect app and confirm your product’s firmware is up-to-date. NoteBose Connect version 8.0 or later is required. After that, you can access a showcase of Bose AR-enhanced apps with links to download them. To access the showcase just tap the Bose AR logo in the connect app 


What Bose AR-enhanced apps are available? 

Many Bose AR-enhanced apps—including apps for Android users—are currently in development. The apps listed at are available now in Beta for iPhone and iPad users globally, except in China. (In English only. We’re working to translate content into additional languages.) 


How does a third-party developer, creator or partner that wants to work with Bose get started? 

For developers interested in Bose AR, we offer getting started guides, FAQs, forums, and additional support, along with a calendar of events like conferences, meetups, workshops, and code jams. We’ve also released the Bose SDK beta version, a lightweight development kit for head-tracking, accelerometer, and compass access in Bose wearable audio products. For more information, visit and follow 


For more information about Bose AR please visit:




Feedback is Welcome

Developers and creators making new experiences available on Bose AR are considered in Beta. Together with the teams at Bose behind Bose AR, they are welcoming feedback from Bose wearable users to help us identify where new features, fixes or fun can be added. Comments are open below and your feedback, suggestions & ideas for new features, or simply to point out where you think the experience can improve.


Forthcoming Improvements

We’ll continue to improve any issues that may arise during the beta Launch of Bose AR-enabled wearables and/or available apps. Workarounds and updates for potential issues specific to the AR-enabled products will be communicated as they come up.