New Product: Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

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We strive to help people live better lives, and now that means improving the way you sleep by helping to keep unwanted noise from waking you or keeping you awake. The noise-masking sleepbuds are tiny, comfortable and replace the sounds of busy city streets, noisy neighbors or a snoring partner with soothing sounds to help you fall asleep—and stay asleep.


We’ve teamed with Indiegogo to give you the opportunity to try out a prototype and give much wanted feedback on our latest innovation: Bose noise-masking sleepbuds.


By crowdsourcing real feedback from real people like you, who are living the problem, we can work together to refine the product and ensure we’re delivering on our promise.


Because we value and trust your opinion, we offer you a special discount. Pre-order quickly to get this special perk.



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Will you ship to mexico city?? If yes, I'll contribute right away! 


How can i get them if you do not? a PO box or something??  want them!




That's a great question! As we expect the final mass-market product to be available worldwide, at this time this campaign is only available to customers in the United States. We do appreciate the interest keep an eye on the community for updates!




Hope that helped



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I am interested in purchasing a new aviation headset after the new year. Does Bose have any plans to roll out a new version of the aviation headset anytime soon?

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Silver-Zince rechargeable battery? Why not lithium ion? Don't understand why Bose has such a tiny battery in the case for the Sleep Buds, in that it can only partially charge the buds once, to provide 1 more night of use (From the video).. The base has SO much more room in it for a lithium-polymer battery than the buds themselves!


Excited for this product. Can save a lot of electricity by not using a fan in my bedroom to drown out noise. 

do the Sleepbuds go into the ear canal like ear plugs or rest just oustide?


Hey @Vortex18t, thank you for inquiring about our Aviation headsets. I do not have anything for you yet. The best way to keep up to date with any new product is to continue to follow this thread, and also you may want to sign up for our Emails by going here. Scroll near to where it says " Email Sign up" and enter your email address. 


Thanks again!




Hi @danwat1234, we appreciate your interest! 


We're targeting two full nights of use on a single charge. With a high-energy density, rechargeable micro-battery, it helps us get 20 hours on the product while keeping the size super small. 

The tips are similar to StayHear+ flush design and sits completely within the concha for optimal comfort. 


Thanks for the great questions! 



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@Mohsin_S , I was speaking of the battery inside the carrying case for the Sleepbuds. Why have only enough battery capacity in the carrying case to just be able to effectively charge the Sleepbud set 1/2 way? Space for the battery is not as much an issue in the carrying case, as it is in the small buds themselves.

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Thanks Bose for make this new wonderful headphones to help people like me that don't like noises to sleep. I hope that the next step will be a Bose hearing protection-heapdhones.


I'm very expected about this new sleepbuds because there's some annoying noises when I sleep. 



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I can't wait for these...traveling with a snorer, noises on airplane preventing sleep, being generally a poor and light sleeper, these could change my life. Hurry up!!!

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What about safety - for  example could you hear your fire alarm go off in middle of the night?


Hello @mattbuk, you bring up a great question!


The sleepbuds are designed to mask unwanted noise and disturbances while you sleep. However, to balance the level of noise masking and awareness you want, you can set an appropriate volume level for your needs within the Bose Sleep app. The volume should be high enough to mask noises that disturb your sleep, but not so high that you can't confidently be awoken by the sounds you want to hear. 


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Gave it an option where we can hear music at great quality as well.
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I would prefer no sound whatsoever.  Just ANC technology as found in my QC35ii headphones.  I live in a building with 3 units and we all have our own furnaces.  I can hear the faint sound of my neighbours furnace through the ceiling some nights.  It drives me nuts lol.  I don't know what decible the average smoke detector uses but it's the only sound that I'd like to hear filter through the sleepbuds, since they will offer a wake-up alarm via the app.

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When will the Sleep Buds be available to the general public? I can't wait!


Hi jamcadoo, 


Thank you for the question. We expect these to be available to the public in late 2018. 


Kind Regards

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Ok so I will soon receive my sleep buds. Wondering if I can listen to music or at least audiobooks. Really hope so. 

Anyone knows ??


Hi @LenMaroko,


The details have not been release, but the information that is posted HERE is what we have at this time.


Kind Regards,


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I'm hoping for an update on my order. I'm looking forward to giving these a go, as I've tried other ear buds that have been quite uncomfortable while sleeping (side sleeper, so the wrong ear buds cause pain from the constant pressure) .


I'll be sure to post my thoughts on the sound quality, performance, and comfort level. 

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From the Indiegogo FAQ:


Can I listen to my own music or audio books with the product?
No. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™ were engineered specifically to solve the problem of unwanted noise in the bedroom. In order to achieve a form factor small enough to be comfortable for sleeping AND fit a battery that can support sound playback for an entire night, we made the conscious design decision to not stream audio constantly throughout the night. Instead, we store the sound files on each sleepbud™ and play them back locally, dramatically extending the audio playback time achievable in our breakthrough form factor.

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At what point in time will they make  the Bose noise-masking sleepbuds eqaul to the noise cancelation head phones. I need these Bose noise-masking sleepbuds to block out all snoring and external noise so that I do not hear anything including my neighbors music, talking, bedroom activity, etc. I want silence. TPlease advise ASAP by e-mail.

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Hi nvrpc1,


Thanks for your interest in the Noise Masking Sleep Buds!


We don['t have any news on a new variant of the Sleep Buds, but as soon as we hear anything, we'll be sure to inform the Community.


Warm Regards,

Tony A