Announcing the Bose Professional Community!

Lead Community Manager
Lead Community Manager

I’m happy to announce some exciting news: Bose Professional will be joining our community!




A new category will be added with two new boards: Professional Installed and Portable PA. The Professional Installed board is for Bose dealers and installers who work with our installed products, and the Portable PA is for discussing products like our S1 Pro, and L1 and F1 series, and ToneMatch mixers. If you’re interested in learning more about our Professional products, visit


The most important thing for our community members to know is that the Bose community will be in read-only starting around 3 AM EST on Tuesday, June 23rd while we bring over the posts from the previous Professional community. The downtime is expected to last between 12 to 16 hours but this may change.


During this time, you will not be able to register or post to the Bose community. Once the import is completed you will be able to access the community again as normal, as well as see and post to the new Portable category.


Please join me in welcoming our new members and products to the Bose Community!

Fay A

Hello Team


I have Bose 5 solo sound bar and I wanted to connect with the sky+HD (UK) box but I lost the booklet. Please advise me the code of SKY+HD



Community Manager
Community Manager



thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


Which part of the setup have you been running into difficulty with? I'm sure we can help walk you through getting it up and running, without needing a professional installer!


We do also have some guides on our website HERE that will be helpful and might break this down in a way that is better for you to follow. Or if you would prefer to walk through it in real-time with our support team, you can also reach out to them over the phone. The contact information for the US team can be found HERE.


As we don't have any in-house installers that can come out, I wouldn't be able to say for certain who the best installer to reach out to would be. You would be better looking at home theatre electronics installers rather than car stereo installers as they are very different setups.


I'd love to put this to the community at large as well, have any of you got any experience of working with installers for our systems? If so please do let us know and recommend any you found to be helpful!


1. You are in the wrong section. Go to consumer speakers or home theater to ask your question about the Solo 5.

2. Go to the sky+HD web site >support>download the user manual there.




what I found by this is literally informative, 

I have Bose 5 solo soundbar which I wanted to connect with the sky+HD box Please advise me of the code of SKY+HD