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Original article date: 5/17/18


The team behind BOSEbuild is excited to share today's launch of BOSEbuild Headphones. The team is at the Bay Area Maker Faire for the product's official launch where 100,000 visitors are expected to participate in the three-day event.


Similar in spirit to the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube, this new member of the BOSEbuild family will take children on a journey to discover how their world works. The BOSEbuild headphones guide you through an engaging assembly process using a beautifully designed (and free) iOS app - BOSEbuild Listen. However, the fun (and learning) doesn't stop when assembly is complete.


The BOSEbuild headphones are fully functional Bluetooth headphones, designed for kids ages 8-18. The free companion app (iOS-only) provides games and activities to explore educational concepts, including sound waves, microphones, hearing and sound perception. The headphones are boxed as component pieces, allowing users to assemble and customize their product, and the companion app guides them through this assembly process. The end result of all this exploration and discovery is a set of durable, high-performance Bluetooth headphones designed specifically for kids. They are comfortable, provide Bose-quality sound and employ Smart Volume Limiting to promote safer listening for kids. 


There are 17 activities on the app, including games, educational videos, hands-on experiments, and more. There is even an augmented reality experience where kids can see how the little speakers in headphones move air to create sound. 

BOSEbuild Headphones are only available in the U.S. and Canada and will be sold on, through Amazon and few select resellers.


The BOSEbuild Headphones will be available June 15 and retail for $149. They will be available to employees in the US and Canada this summer.

The site has been updated with more information on the Headphones. You can also check out BOSEbuild at upcoming maker faires and events, including the WPI Touch Tomorrow Festival, and the Boston Maker Faire in October.

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 Hi Jason,


I thought I'd just chime in since it seems you're all alone! Thanks for chairing the new products page at the Bose community. I have to say how completely happy I am with my Bose purchases. The Soundsport Free ear buds are extraordinary. They really are. They're even playing now on my Surface Pro and gorgeously! The Soundwear companion speaker is also so great. So unique and satisfying! I just love it. And my Soundlink Color II is just the best party speaker. Everyone who hears it loves it. I could be a spokes person for Bose! Never been disappointed and I'm happy to say it! Good luck with your portal. Thanks.

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Very Cool. Never mind the kids, I want to build these!

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wow cool concept! is it out now in the market? i want one.