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Bose Community Forums redesign - Update #2

Community Manager
Community Manager

We wanted to go into more detail and provide more information around the Bose Community redesign which we announced earlier in the week. As mentioned in that blog post we are hoping to optimize the look and fell of the community to provide the right information, to the right customers, at the right time.

As part of that, we are organizing content a little differently and this post will focus on those changes.


Individual forum page

As mentioned in the last post, we are incorporating visual banners on or forums, so that you know here you are at all times. We are also incorporating a “Search this Forum” search box up front and center.


Forum page.png


Below the Search box, you will then see the individual forum threads that have been posted within that individual forum. There are a few things which I would like to point out:

  1. The Green highlight for a thread with an accepted solution (and check mark)
  2. Callouts on activity – Bose replies, other posts, page views
  3. The ability to “Search by label”
  4. Displaying “Unanswered Topics”
  5. Highlighting “Top Solution Authors”


Thread listing page.png



The content is organized so that you can see the relevant information for each of the threads on the forum, without having to dive deeper into that thread. Green “lightbulbs” are displayed for those threads with accepted solutions, and the chat icons display for those without accented solutions. The right side of the page displays relevant information specific to that forum.


Individual Thread page

This is an area that a majority of people who come into the community land on, because they are guided from a search engine. 

As you can see below, we have removed the banner, so that we can display as much information as possible, before you have to scroll.


Thread listing page.png



The content of the post is centralized, and the original poster has their own “profile card” which highlights their activity and stats on the left side of the page. The green highlights that there is an accepted solution on that thread with a link to see it within the discussion.


There are other changes within the Bose Community redesign as well, like a new profile page for you, new category specific hub pages and other items. While we would like to cover the entire project, we did want to highlight the main points in these 2 blog posts.


We hope that you agree that these changes make the Bose community more visually appealing, while at the same time organizing the content so that our customers can find the right information that they need at the right time - getting the answers to their questions in a timely fashion.


We hope that you enjoy this new experience on the Bose Community forums. If you have any feedback, please let us know on the Forum Feedback & Requests forum.