Bose Labs Tests Concept at 2018 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend

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Bose Labs is a concept and research division within Bose Corporation. We try to turn bold ideas into world-changing innovations that one day might be something that hits the market for all to enjoy. Bose Labs represents our continued desire and promise to create products that enhance life and help people reach their fullest human potential. It begins with our customers and the things they love to do. Everything we learn from them factors into our decisions and commitments to deliver a steady stream of new experiences and technologies in the coming months and years.


In the spirit of research, Bose Labs is excited to test an open-ear audio prototype at the 2018 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend on Nov 1-3, 2018. During the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend event, Bose Labs will be on site at the Expo, inviting runners to give us feedback on our prototype. The prototype allows the wearer to hear their audio content while leaving their ears open, an experience we feel has great potential for runners. This event is a great opportunity for us to engage with, and learn from, a large number of potential customers. It’s a perfect opportunity for Bose Labs to gain real time feedback from attendees to inform our research and to better enable us to make the best possible products in the future!


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To any Bose high level executives that are reading this. As you know Sony has now released there new 1000xm3 which still does not beat out the Bose in sound quality, but they have surpassed you just a little in noise canceling. I am a younger salesman and I know you guys still have the top brand when it comes to headphones. Instead of sleeping on the technology why not get to work in the lab and get miles ahead of Sony? All you need is a little bump up in your noise canceling, bass, and add a bigger sound stage to your Bose QC-35 II and you guys will have the perfect headphone everyone has been looking for. Bose has been a brand that when people hear the name they never question weather its good or not they just know you have the top of the line in sound quality, and a product that will last longer than anything else out there. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and really hope you guys take a step forward and crush Sony. They will never be half the company you are when it comes to sound.  



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