Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds - North America Pre-order and Launch Information

Community Manager - Retired
Community Manager - Retired
10/3- Please see our announcement on Sleepbuds here.
From our Sleepbuds IndiGogo Page - 5/29/18


Hi everyone!

I have some very exciting news to share today.  

Several months ago, we set out on a journey together to refine Bose noise-masking sleepbuds before we launch it to the general public. We asked for your critical feedback and diverse perspective on a working prototype. We asked for your help to find any hidden flaws and enable us to better serve the unique needs of a new target customer.

Over the past 2+ months, we’ve learned a TON from all of you. More than I could have ever imagined. And with your input, we’re validating and evolving so much about Bose sleepbuds. We’re continuing to make regular software and firmware improvements. We’re working on new features. And while there will always be improvement opportunities, and preference, for hardware changes, we’ve found our hardware to be very robust.

Alongside the feedback from you, the number of requests we’ve received for this product, from around the world, is staggering. We know that this product can – and will - help lots of people, and your input is helping us ensure this.

Given all this, we’ve decided to begin our market introduction very soon, and we wanted you to be among the first to know! We’ve just kicked off production, and we’re ready to soon start helping lots more people get better sleep!

Our official launch will be focused at first. This Thursday, we’ll enable pre-ordering in the US and Canada, and the product will become available in the US and Canada at the end of June. We will slowly roll-out in these two markets in the following weeks. And from there, we’ll initiate launches in the rest of the world, beginning in Sept 2018.


Key things we’ve learned & how we’re integrating your feedback

The information and learning we’ve gained through your insights have been invaluable, and we’re beyond grateful for your help. In turn, I want you all to know how we’re using that information to make Bose noise-masking sleepbuds even better. What follows is a summary of input we’ve actioned on to-date, as well as things that are still on the docket to address. Your observations are captured below as major themes (in most cases), and it represents items for which we’ve received numerous requests.

Here are some of the major things we’ve already addressed:

-  Significant charging fixes;
-  Improved ability to maintain connection during the night;
-  Improved alarm experience behaviors, including: independent alarm volume control, control over re-starting sounds after snooze, and general alarm reliability;
-  Improved sound quality for the existing 10 sounds – will be in production units at launch;
-  Same start-up volume that was last used for sounds – next app release (for launch);
-  And a whole host of bug fixes.

Here’s what we’re currently working on and planning to implement over the next several months (major features):

-  Alarm fade-in option & masking sound fade-out
-  Greater library of sound options and sound-swapping functionality
-  Phone call alerts and text alerts
-  Phone-free Mode
-  Dark/Night Mode
-  Locating feature for lost bud(s)

Other areas of continued exploration:

-  “Pillow noise” (as described by some of you)
-  Back-up or out loud wake-up alarms
-  Better/easier control over volume
-  Integration/use with the Apple watch   

In addition to the above, we received suggestions for changes that would require significant hardware modifications, and in some cases, starting from scratch with our design. While we truly appreciate that input, it isn’t aligned with the product vision at this time. I’d like to note, however, that even though we can’t possibly make all the suggested improvements in this version of Bose noise-masking sleepbuds, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never see some of it. While we don’t share information about potential future products, the information we’ve collected from all of you may inform our future.


I think this has to be one of the worst products I've ever bought. They don't mask snoring; they have no other function; useless!


One year later and the 58% battery issue that has plagued many, many users has not yet been addressed. Very disappointed with this expensive purchase, and I feel insulted by Bose's silence on the issue. Leaving it to the community to try and find a solution is not a solution.