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Hi everyone,


We're happy to share that on Thursday August 6th, our partner Abode released a new integration with Bose Smart Home speakers and soundbars for their home security systems. With this integration Abode system owners are now able to control Bose products as part of CUE automations. Specifically, you'll be able create automation Actions that send an audio notification, start or stop music, or turn off the products you choose to configure.


Some potential automations include:

  1. Assigning unique chimes to each door/window sensor in your home so you immediately know what was opened and closed
  2. Bolstering the sound of your alarm by creating an automation to loudly sound your Bose speakers when your alarm is triggered
  3. Welcoming yourself home after work by disarming your alarm, unlocking your doors, and starting your favorite preset

Abode system owners can enable this ability via the integrations section of the Abode web and mobile apps. Learn more about this integration on Abode's website here, or check out these FAQs.