Introducing Bose Sport Open Earbuds!

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Bose Sport Open Earbuds are a truly different kind of sport headphone. That’s because they’re the first of their kind that don’t go in your ears. Instead, they combine exclusive Bose OpenAudio™ technology with a unique open-ear headphone design to produce high-quality sound without covering your ears. Hear your music and the world around you for an unbelievable, full-sensory experience. These sport headphones were meticulously molded to stay comfortable and secure during rigorous exercise. Plus, these sweat- and weather-resistant earbuds have an IPX4 rating.


Bose Sport Open Earbuds play up to eight hours at a time* and come with a charging base so your wireless running headphones are always ready to go. An advanced mic system makes for crystal-clear calls, while controls on the open earbuds let you play/pause, take calls, and access Siri or Google Assistant.


*With daily charging.


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Bose Sport Open Earbuds are available for preorder today in the US here and Canada here.


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LOVE this concept (an open earbud for workouts) but I feel like the charging station is a BIG step back. Really wish the carrying case doubled as the charging station, even without an internal battery. I also HATE that the charging station cord is built right in to the charging station. I would have greatly preferred the cord be a detachable USB-C or micro USB. that would make it easier to move the stand from place to place. 


I also know that if I bought this, my cat would chew the cord, ruin the charging station, and I'd have to pay a premium to replace it. Maybe a 3rd party will make accessories for this that I need in order to feel good about the decision to by these, but I doubt it.