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New OS impacts for Bose Apps - iOS14 and Android 11

Community Manager - Retired
Community Manager - Retired



September 18th Update


Hey everyone,


As you may have seen, Android 11 was released on September 8th and Apple iOS14 release started on September 16th. We wanted to confirm what we communicated in our original post looks to be in line with what we see in the final release of both operating system updates. You should be seeing the updated troubleshooting steps and in-app messages to help guide you through connecting to your Bose products.


We have verified an issue causing the SoundTouch app to not successfully launch on some versions of iPads. We investigated this and verified that it is not due to iOS14, as some have been able to recreate the issue on devices running iOS13. We are actively working on a resolution and will let you know as soon as possible when it is available. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and any impact to your SoundTouch experience. To discuss and receive updates for this issue, click here.


Once again, if you are experiencing any adverse effects from these updates, please let us know the details in the comments!




Original Article


Hey everyone, 


We have been testing the public betas for iOS14 and Android 11, and in advance of those releases, we wanted to make you aware of what we have found and how it may impact your experience connecting to WiFi-connected Bose products across Bose Music and SoundTouch apps. 


We haven’t seen any significant impacts with either operating system to our Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Wellness, and Wearable products in the Bose Music, Bose Hear, Connect, and Sleep apps.


The biggest change we have seen is with iOS 14.  The first time you launch the Bose Music and SoundTouch apps after updating to iOS 14, you will receive a prompt asking for Local Network access permission. This access is necessary to discover, connect, and control your WiFi-connected Bose products.  If this access is set to ‘Do not Allow’, you will be unable to discover and connect to your Bose speakers or soundbars. 


If you click ‘Do Not Allow’ and then wish to change your permissions later, go to your mobile device settings and make sure Local Network access is turned on.  




If you’ve previously connected to a Bose speaker or soundbar, you can always find these steps and a button to access your device settings in the Bose Music app under ‘Product Help’ when your device shows as ‘Not Available’.  In Bose SoundTouch app, we will be updating troubleshooting steps in the app if you are unable to see or control existing speakers to communicate Local Network permissions needed as part of iOS14. 


We hope this helps members who choose to update their devices to these exciting new operating systems! Please keep in mind that the final experiences are not always what we see in beta testing. 


Once you have the updates, please let us know below if you experience any trouble with your products or apps and we’ll do our best to assist you!