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Apr 22, 2019

Bluetooth version


I have a Bose SoundLink® Bluetooth® Mobile speaker II.

I want to know if it is possible to upgrade the Bluetooth version that comes from the factory?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bluetooth version

@cjgp  I am a customer/user like you and I don't work for Bose but I'll give you my opinion - 'so take it with a grain of salt'.  All of Bose's current wireless/Bluetooth (BT) products are based on the BT 4.x standard.  BT 5.x has been out for a couple of years.  I am guessing that all of Boses announced and delivered products this year will be based on the BT 5.x standard which is already supported by the last generation or two of the iphones (8 and 10) and the Androids.  The newer devices can communicate with 4.x devices in 4.x mode, but you need a 5.x Bose device to take advantage of any newer 'functionality' presented by the standard.  BT is again a 'standard' and vendors to implement those standards need to create routines that can be called by the firmware.  With these routines available, the vendor can conceptually use it with any of their products.  Now I am not a Bose engineer but I know something about programming.  I can guess that writing firmware for new hardware from scratch would be an easier way to integrate 5.x functionality.  Having to redesign firmware by pulling out 4.x code and substituting 5.x code could be more of a challenge especially for adding newer functionality.  Also keep in mind that substituting 5.x for 4.x is a significant coding job and that Bose makes money on new products (with 5.x being one of the selling points) and does not make money on adding new functionality to existing products.

Based on the above, I would suggest that more likely than not, if you want 5.x functionality, Bose would want you to upgrade and exchange and that they will not put in the effort to make 5.x available for existing products.