Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

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Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

Hello, please move this if this is in the wrong section,


So I am looking for a portable bluetooth speaker in the current market and have come across the Bose Soundlink Revolve+, I have seen that they came out April 2017, and was wondering if Bose have a typical refresh cycle for new speakers, or any idea if any new bose portable speakers are going to come out soon.


Also was wondering peoples honest opinion on the revolve+ and if any other speakers in the bose lineup is better in terms of loudness and sound quality, or if any other brands are good/better.


cheers dudes

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Re: Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

I have two Revolve's not +s because I wanted a smaller size.  I use them for my business as I am a film composer and want to play my music in something other than my laptop speakers.  I also use them with my iPhone 7+ when showing films that way.


1. They are quite loud with my phone and I can use them in Stereo wireless mode (versus Party mode).  I am quite satisfied

2. They hold their charge quite well

3. I am always using one of them in my studio as a phone mic/speaker (two are not support for phone calls).


1. Connection with Bluetooth to a laptop (in my case Windows 7/64) is quite finicky and sometimes elusive.  I could not get it working at all with my Intel chipset on the Dell.  I had to disable it and use it with a USB SMK Nano Dongle (about $12 on ebay).  Most of the times they work fine in Party/Stereo wire mode.  Sometimes I can't get that working which often requires reinstalling the bluetooth drivers and/or factory resets on the Revolves.  As I am using it for clients in a business, I don't have time to troubleshoot so I keep with my a stereo splitter (not all spitters are stereo - they just put the same signal on both outs) and wire to both Revolves in AUX mode.

2. Revolves are one of the Bose devices that are technically always on since they are always emitting a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal.  That is how for example, you can put a Revolve in party mode when it does not appear to be on.  When you use the Bose Connect app, it can also connect to a Revolve which does not appear on.  The reason is what you think appears to be ON or OFF is just a state of the Revolve.  It has certain functionality and uses less power in OFF and other/more functionality and uses more power in ON.  It could be deemed confusing but OFF is not OFF.  So for example, if you pair the Revolve to a laptop and turn on the laptop, the Revolve will also turn on even if you do not mean it to.  Some here have expressed displeasure with what the Revolve can do when in its "Off" state.
3. There is an outstanding issue with insufficient volume when the Revolve is paired with a Windows machine (7 or 10) and used in Bluetooth.  When used Wire with the same machine the volume is fine.  It has not been addressed by Bose yet and we/they are not sure if it is a global bluetooth issue or just for some Windows bluetooth implementations.

As far as what's next.  Decemeber is the time of the year where we all WAIT.  It's the calm before the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show where many new products are announced. Jan 8 to 11, 2019:

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Re: Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

Hi thanks for your reply and sorry for a late reply back, 


from quick browsing doesnt look like bose announced any new portable speakers, do you think they could announce anything new in months to come? As if im not mistaken the revolve series came out in 2017?


Thanks again

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Re: Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

There is a new bluetooth standard (came out in 2017 I think).  The current Bose devices all support 4.x.  The new one is 5.0.  One would have to assume Bose is working on BT 5 products.  I believe that all the Bose announcements at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas this week were all car related.  My guess is that CES generally covers porudcts out to the summer.  In the competitive environment Bose is in, they would normally announce and show prototypes if the competition did at CES.  I am no longer a techie Smiley Happy and so I am not tracking what announced at CES.  My guess is, the odds are low we will see anything coming out for the next 4 to 6 months but who knows?

And even if there are BT 5 devices - the other end needs to also support BT 5.  So for example, the iPhone 8 and X will support BT 5, the iPhone 7 can communicate with a BT 5 device but only with BT 4.2 functionality.



Re: Bose Bluetooth Speaker Refresh

Hi mhez,


Thanks for posting. As we have no new portable speakers to announce currently when we do we will post it here in the community!




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