Bose Mini II Battery dead...

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Bose Mini II Battery dead...

I have had this Bose Mini II for just over a year now and it's dead... I tried all of the recommended troubleshooting and none of it worked.  I hate the fact that I bought a lot of the Bose products, they're not cheap, and the battery expires at the end of the 1 year warranty?  It's sad!  I am not a happy consumer and now I need to buy something else to replace it.  I really like the sound, but if it's going to fail year after year, what's the point of buying Bose products?  The unfortunate thing is, I can't locate my receipt and the date code is 7226.  I am pretty sure I purchased it in 2018, but the Bose store I purchased it from closed.  What's that tell you... 

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Re: Bose Mini II Battery dead...

1. Bose store probably on a central data base, you still may be able to get proof from elsewhere in Bose

2. If you used a CC, you can at least show you purchased something at the store on a particular date and you can show the price paid matches the price of a Mini II.

3. If all else fails, I believe Bose can replace the battery for under $100 (US) which may be preferable for trashing the device and buying a non-Bose

4. Even if you no longer want it - I bet you if you have access to certain FB groups or Craigslist or some other similar site, you may be able to sell it - people will buy a dead battery Mini II and either replace the battery themselves or ask Bose to do it (and that costs less than buying a new one - especially since Bose has discontinued to the Mini II a while ago).


p.s. - I have a Mini II which still works fine and is over a year old and I don't work for Bose

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Re: Bose Mini II Battery dead...

I appreciate the information, unfortunately the cost of the mini II was $99.00.  As far as purchasing something else other than Bose, I couldn't.  Bose speakers are the best sounding ones out there.  I tried JBL, Sony and some others and they couldn't compete.  I did find a replacement battery for $29, so I think I will give it a go and replace it.  I did buy the Bose Resolve 360 and it's pretty awesome. Yes, I did purchase a warranty.  Thanks for the feedback!


Re: Bose Mini II Battery dead...

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I'm sorry to hear of the issue you are experiencing with your SoundLink mini II. For the most accurate information regarding service on your system, I would suggest contacting your local technical support for assistance. You can find the details by clicking HERE, selecting your country of residence and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'.


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