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Feb 10, 2019

Bose Revolve Help


So I bought a Bose Revolve speaker from Walmart around September and it has been great for teaching music classes and listening at home. This past month or two I’ve been having trouble turning it on with the help of the charger. If I take the charger off the speaker it will turn off and not allow me to turn it on.

A new issue today is that the audio has a sort of distortion sound where it has a choppy click to the music. Whether I have music/audio playing it will still go if it’s off.

Does anyone have an idea? I tried contacting my regional support and they have not replied to my email.

Thank you
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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bose Revolve Help

Sounds like a computer and not smart device issue.  Confirm to the moderators here what you are playing with - especially if it is from windows 7, 8, or 10.  The sound quality issue could be perhaps because you are playing through the 'device' used for voice over ip (VOIP) phone calls such as Skype (the "HFP" bluetooth profile).  This device is mono and much lower quality than the one used for playing stereo music (which you may find is 'offline' and not usuable for some reason) which is the "A2DP" profile.


Be aware that the Revolve is never "OFF".  It is merely a different state from "ON" and continues to process a limited amount of Bluetooth information.  Many who come to this forum 'take issue' with this particular implementation of the Revolve from Bose.  I do not work for Bose (I am a film composer).  So I am not personally suprised that is still doing something after you have turned it off - this is a new one for me reading here - I am not sure Bose 'intended' for that to happen - they would have to comment on it.  But regardless, that does not mean you will necessarily see any changes to firmware to modify that behavior since it may also have something to do with exactly what the Revolve is communicating with and if its a PC, for example, it may have something to do with either Microsoft (one or more conflicting windows updates) or the 3rd party vendor (NOT the PC vendor) who supplied the Bluetooth hardware and device drivers.

P.S. - since I responded ahead of the moderators... standard support protocols dictates you should start from scratch by resetting the Revolve to factory defaults (hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds) and remove all references to the Revolve from the other end.

About the power/adapter issue - I am currently 'clueless' 🙂