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Jun 11, 2018

Bose Revolve + Multiple issues


I have two Revolve + speakers.  One I purchased in Thailand about 4 months ago, the other in the US last month.  The design and sound quality both please me.  The ability of them to perform/function as expected has been among the worst of any product I've ever purchased.  Issues listed below:


1. Spontaneous boot:  Both speakers, if they have been paired to a windows 10 device, will spontaneously boot up and connect anytime I boot up the computer.  This includes if they are packed in my luggage nearby the computer... there seems to be no way to disable this.  I've had this experience with both speakers and with 4 different laptops running various versions of Windows 10.  This isn't a "killer" problem, but it is annoying and stupid.  I've written to Bose support on this one and they suggested a reset on the speakers, which did absolutely nothing.  When I went into a Bose shop in Beveley Hills and told them about this issue, they look at my as if I were speaking Babalonian..   Is this really just me?  Two speakers purchased on different continents and I'm the only one with this issue??


2. Pairing/Stereo mode with a PC.  This is the BIG issue. The whole purpose of buying two speakers was to be able to have stereo.  Given my rather nomadic lifesyte it had been a long time that I'd "gotten by" with my one mini soundlink.  My entire reason for going through this $600+ upgrade (don't even ask what Thailand charged me for the first speaker) was to enjoy stereo.  For my Note 8, using the connect app, the speakers perform perfectly.  However, with any of my Windows devices, where I'm left to perform the manual speaker paring, the results are horrible.  Once the speakers pair with each other, 1 of 3 things happen:  1.  They work.  This happened VERY briefly, for about 4 days a couple of weeks ago, which led me to believe the issue'd been resolved, either by a Windows update, or a firmware update.  2.  Once the two speakers are paired, the pc decides on it's own to switch from the Bose speaker to it's internal speaker.  This was the most common experience I had with both my Asus and my Surface Pro 4.  3.  The speakers pair, with only intermitent sound emerging from one speaker in party mode and neither speaker in stereo mode.  This is my experience with the Surface Book and my Lenovo laptop.


To describe my frustration and efforts to make these speakers perform as promised as a massive waste of my time and money is an understatement.  I have gone, in the past 4 months, from a raving fan of Bose (I own headphones and speakers from this company for years), to someone who warns everyone I know from ever buying anything from this company.  


I have zero faith that this posting will produce any sort of solution, and I'll get some form message suggesting some inane solutions like a reset, or that I'm a moron who doesn't know how to pair speakers.  I simply want to share my experience with what a poor company this is to release such an expensive, flawed product on their user community.


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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Bose Revolve + Multiple issues

Hello there, beachvbguy,


Thank you for joining us here and sharing your experience with the Revolve speakers. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the sound quality and the speaker design.


In regards to the speaker turning on automatically, we are aware of this and it is a feature that allows any previously connected speaker to be powered on remotely via the Connect App. This feature is primarily intended for ease of use when creating a Stereo or Party mode pairing, but will also work when you drag to connect any compatible speaker within the app. You can also join our discussion on that here. 


Additionally, I have passed this feedback along in regards to wanting to be able to disable this feature. We will update you when we have new information to share.


I see that you had difficulty with setting up Stereo/Party with your Windows machine, sorry to hear that. We have a related discussion about this here, and it is likely a compatibility issue with the Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10. Feel free to chime in and share your experience with the community.


It sounds like you've been a long time fan of our products, we definitely appreciate that! If you have any questions or concerns, or just need some troubleshooting steps, do not hesitate to reach out!


See you around the community,



Mohsin - Community Support